We have provided thousands of businesses with financing (please read our TrustPilot reviews below). The process will only take you a couple of minutes to fill out the application and then potentially to provide just a few follow up documents that our investment consultant may request over email or on the phone.

We will then evaluate your application and get back to you within hours with an offer. You sign, we provide the investment funds. No hidden fees or fine-print additional charges.

You can qualify for business financing with us if you have been in business for over 3 months and you have average monthly sales of £5,000.00 or above.

This is a great choice of financing for businesses who have an urgent need for short term, quick financing.

We work with almost all industries. From retail to wholesale, online to bricks and mortar. We work with hotels and public houses, educational institutions, trading companies, transportation, construction and many other services, business and sectors.

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    Our current guideline limits investments to businesses that have a minimum of £5,000 in monthly revenue

    We currently receive applications from £1K to £100K

    24hr to get funded


    Faster than frying an egg… In less than 24 hr, money will be available in your bank account to use!

    simple funding application

    As simple as it gets!

    Forget about the endless paperwork that banks force you to produce – that is so the 90s’. Welcome to the future- quick and simple… just the way we like it.

    you can relay on us to get your business funded

    We’ve got you covered!

    At Got Capital are passionate about making your funding experience the best there is. We understand the needs of a business and the importance of getting the right access to Financing.

    Case Studies

    Payroll concerns solved

    John knows his employees must be top priority – but he’s landed a great opportunity to turn a big profit. Got Capital allowed John to do both!

    Pizza Oven Broke. Oh Oh..

    Lightning does strike twice! Tony’s kitchen burned down, but Tony had the resources to recover.  Do you?

    Challenge: Seasonal Business

    Staying on top of your expenses is tough during a slow season, especially for Gloria. She contacted GotCapital, and Spring came early!

    Expand Your Business

    Chen needed quick financing to expand his business, but his bank wasn’t able to help him. Watch now!                                                       .