What are Royalty Investments?

Royalty Payment (not to be confused with the Royal family)

The royal family?

No, a royalty payment has nothing to do with the British monarchy. But it has a lot to do with payments. It is a payment made by one party to another, for the use of a particular asset, service, product or in Yalber's case, an Investment.

So what is it exactly?

Royalty is an agreed upon percentage of your business gross sales. In exchange for Yalber's investment's amount in your business, you will direct the specific royalty percentage out of the business revenue back to Yalber.

But for how long?

A popular misconception about royalties is that the payment never stops. It does- as soon as the payback amount is fully paid, the royalty stops. At that point, there's no additional action required on your behalf. The agreed royalty percentage remains the same until agreement is fulfilled.

Our Royalty Investment is the best (really)

As a successful business owner, you bring your expertise and love of a trade, or product to the world.  Working capital is an essential part of your business journey. We at Yalber are here to give you easy access to the working capital you need. 

Yalber invests in businesses that generate revenue from products or services. Yalber collects a royalty, or a percentage of your business’s future receivables in exchange for an up front-investment.  Unlike other royalty investments, Yalber does not receive royalties of your business’s sales for the life of your business. Instead, the royalty we receive is limited to a specific amount agreed based on our risk analysis team approach and for the benefit of your business success and growth. Once the amount has been paid, the royalty rights are returned back to your business.

This is Nick and Nancy's story

Take Nick and Nancy for an example. They are have been business owners that have been serving their community for the past 25 years.  They want to renovate their hair salon to fit more into the 21st century and less 20th century. Since they want the renovations to be completed right before the holidays, and considering it’s the end of September… timing and money are a bit tight! However they need funding, quick. Then they discover Yalber’s quick and easy funding system.  Investment in Nick and Nancy’s hair salon.

Their salon then generates revenue from their service (or products)

Yalber collects a royalty percentage from Nick and Nancy’s hair salon’s sales until the balance is paid in full. The royalty percentage remains the same.

Quick and easy….the Yalber way


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No, you do not need to collateralize your assets, sign a personal guarantee or give away an equity stake in order to get an investment. We're not that complicated.


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What makes us different from the other companies.

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Our Royalty Investment is an unsecured deal




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