How to Increase Revenue Returns by Building a Business Model Based on Value

Most entrepreneurs fail to realize that running a successful business isn’t just about creating an innovative product and making sure it delivers on the promise. It’s about marketing your products and services, setting the right price, selecting appropriate delivery channels to reach a wider audience, and converting first-time visitors into loyal customers.

If you wish to increase your revenue, you need to define and build the perfect business model by taking your business goals, market demand, and competitors into consideration.

You need to conduct comprehensive market research and study your customers in great detail before you can create a winning business model. You must ask for customer feedback every step of the way and be willing to go back to the drawing board if your customers are less than satisfied with your business. 

You need to add value to your business by making sure your customers’ needs are met and you haven’t compromised on the quality of your service just to expand your target market. Let’s take a look at some strategies for creating value for customers to increase revenue and take your business to new heights of success.

Delivering Value through Your Products and Services

If you want your business to become an instant hit with the customers, you need to look for ways to add value to all your business processes and make sure your customers are satisfied with your products and services.

In today’s competitive market where so many businesses are doing the same thing, you need to figure out a way to stand out to gain an edge over your competitors. You must deliver value through your products and services to make your target audience take you seriously and recognize what your business has to offer and how that sets you apart from others.

The first thing you need to do is to offer better quality products and services at a reasonable or competitive price. Quality is just one aspect that you need to excel at to make your customers recognize that you’re adding value to their lives.

Another thing that will quickly help you get appreciation from your customers is by increasing your delivery speed. If you can satisfy your customers’ needs faster than your competitors, you’ll establish yourself as a reliable business. Not only that, but faster delivery times will also allow you to set the maximum price for your product/service. 

In addition to that, excellent customer service is also needed to win over your customers and earn their loyalty. You must be willing to facilitate your buyers throughout their journey and treat them as your topmost priority. When your customers feel valued, they’ll begin to trust you and won’t hesitate to choose you over your competitors. 

What a Valuable Service Looks Like

Before we can discuss what a valuable service looks like, let’s define value.

What’s valuable to customers is the extent to which a product or service meets their needs while remaining well within their budget. Value can be divided into components: cost and contribution.


Customers will perceive a product/service to be of high quality if its cost is reasonable (low) and it offers the maximum contribution in meeting their needs.

To make sure your service is valuable to your customers, you need to offer a lot more than great quality products and excellent customer service. It’s easier to see if your business is valuable to you because all you need to do is to make sure you’re generating more revenue than the cost it takes to manufacture and deliver your products. 

However, a truly valuable service depends on some factors that are harder to measure:

  • It solves a major problem that many customers face in the least amount of time
  • It relieves the frustration your customers experience when they’re facing the problem
  • It provides your customer with the outcome they’re expecting

Regardless of how well your business is doing in terms of generating revenue, what ultimately makes it valuable is how your customers perceive it.

Building Trust with Your Customers

Before you can get prospective customers to take interest in your products and services, you need to gain their trust through marketing strategies and show them that what you’re selling to them is exactly what you’re marketing to them. Let them know that you’ll be willing to compensate for any loss they incur as a result of your inefficiency. You must realize that you can’t build their trust overnight. You need to make sure you’re offering secure services to your client, assure them that their data is safe with you when they’re making a transaction, and be willing to help them every step of the way.

Final Words

Customer loyalty and satisfaction is the key to adding value to your business. Before you can hope to achieve even a semblance of success, you must make active efforts to market your products to your target audience, ensure that you’re offering the best quality products in the market, and make sure you stand out from your competitors. 

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3 Easy Ways To Promote Your Business On Instagram Organically

For many people, the internet can be a gift and a curse. One terrible review can destroy someone’s business while a tiny hole-in-the-wall, in the middle of town somewhere, can become a gold mine because of a simple search. Word of mouth still exists but these days it spreads faster than Black Friday sales on big screen TVs, missed Football field goals or an egg post on Instagram that gets almost 50 million “likes” in 24 hours.

For many, managing an Instagram account can be challenging and frustrating when you’re spending more time managing the day-to-day operations of your small business or your results from your posts have been underwhelming.



  1. Get Help



If you’re running a small business it can be almost impossible to manage social media accounts to gain awareness and grow your business, all at the same time. But Instagram is not something to be ignored. It’s not only a bunch of Millenials posting selfies, food pictures and sharing “memes” because in June 2018 Instagram hit 1 billion active monthly users.



That number is proof that It’s worth to add a Social Media Manager to your payroll. Even if the manager is a part-time student, with little experience, they can help you take a lot off the plate by posting quality photos and videos, attracting new followers and building on a brand identity.


  1. Geo-tagging and Hashtagging


Now that you’ve got your new manager, it doesn’t mean you’re totally off the hook. Lot’s of small business owners will say that the service or business they provide is irrelevant for Instagram because they’re local or it might not appeal to young consumers.


  • Ages 13–17: 57 million (7%)
  • Ages 18–24: 270 million (32%)
  • Ages 25–34: 270 million (32%)
  • Ages 35–44: 131 million (15%)
  • Ages 45–54: 68 million (8%)
  • Ages 55–64: 30 million (3%)
  • Ages 65+: 18.3 million (2%)


Even if your target market is in the older range, those numbers are still in the millions. Now, that’s just a perspective. So how does this help your local business? Geo-tagging lets customers know where you’re located. It lets them know you’re near and brings your business awareness. If Im looking for a printing service or contractor, seeing your work online and an “identity” will help me compare, discover and make a more confident decision.



Hashtags also bring more awareness to your business. If im looking for a packaging service, I can search for a business on Instagram it can help me find your business, especially with the combination of geotags and hashtags.. Usually, hashtags should go after a good caption and while Instagram allows up to 30, I personally recommend putting 5 relevant tags about your post or business.


  1. Engagement

Just as if you would engage with your customers in person, face to face. It’s just as important to do so on your profile. Engage by being active in the comment section, collaborate with other relevant business where both can benefit off of each other. You can also create community events and drive awareness. Ask if you can follow your customers on Instagram and send a Happy Birthday card, or tell them to enjoy their new Cat. Whatever life event they share, make sure you’re there for the support. Word of mouth is still very much alive and well and in today’s world, it’s amplified on Instagram. The little things count and go a very long way. Don’t focus on how much “followers” your account has, it’s more important that whatever number it is, those followers are or can turn into real customers.

Written By: Avi Milman

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