Top 5 Tips on Hiring the Right Person

Having the right team can either make a business or break it. Great employees are the driving force for any success of your business. The hiring process is crucial to employing the right person that fits best within your organization.


The interview is an important step to get to know your potential employee- it is not a time to be critical on someones nail polish choice or how someone keeps tapping their shoe. Here are some questions you may need to ask yourself, to find the right employee for your company.


1) Are they team players?

You want to hire someone who is very collaborative and can work within a team. You don’t want to hire someone who solely thinks about themselves and their own competitive gains.


2) Can they see patterns in disparate information?

You want to hire someone who can analyze mountains of data and not have an overabundance of information overwhelm them.  Furthermore, with this you want someone who can think critically and understand changes and trends within data to compose insights and strategies.


3) Do they ask great questions?

Asking questions is the simplest and most effective way of learning-  you want a candidate who is always interested in learning and absorbing much knowledge as possible about the company/industry.


4) Can they admit to mistakes?

Being able to admit to your mistakes can also make you be able to glean important lessons from them. You want a candidate who learns from their mistakes and moves on.


5)Is the candidate highly adaptive?

In any business change can happen quick. You want someone who is steady on their feet in adapting to changes within the work environment.


Bottomline: It is important to ask yourself these questions to find someone who fits well within your organization. It is important to have a well rounded candidate who is ready for anything that comes their way. 

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