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Yalber is now operational in the United Kingdom, serving England, Scotland and Ireland

What are Royalty Investments?

It’s a Royal Investment… well technically and metaphorically

The royal family?

In a parallel universe… our Royalty Payment is actually royal. But in this reality…it’s not. At Yalber, it has a lot to do with payments. It is a payment made by one party to another, for the use of a particular asset, service, product or in our case…a stellar investment!

So what is it exactly?

Royalty is an agreed-upon percentage of your business gross sales. In exchange for Yalber’s investment amount in your business, you will direct the specific royalty percentage out of the business revenue back to Yalber.

But for how long?

A popular misconception about royalties is that the payment never stops. It does- as soon as the payback amount is fully paid, the royalty stops. At that point, there’s no additional action required on your behalf. The agreed royalty percentage remains the same until the agreement is fulfilled.

As a successful business owner, you bring your expertise and love of a trade or product to the world. Working capital is an essential part of your business journey. We at Yalber, understand how important that is. We know that things can happen out of the blue, such as a kitchen fire in your restaurant or you need more inventory for your alpaca fur novelty shop. We invest in businesses that generate revenue from products or services.

Yalber collects a royalty or percentage of the business’s future receivables in exchange for an upfront investment. Unlike the other royalty investment companies, we do not receive royalties of your business’s sales for the life of your business. Instead, the royalty we receive is limited to a specific amount agreed based on our risk analyst team and for the benefit of your business success and growth. Once the amount has been paid, the royalty rights are returned back to your business.

Yalber UK integrates with the industry's top providers to ensure quality service for our clients.

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Forget about the endless paperwork that banks force you to do- that is so the 90s. Welcome to the future- quick and simple…just the way we like it.


We’ve got you covered!

We at Yalber are passionate about making your funding experience the best one there is. Started by entrepreneurs- we understand the needs of a business and how important getting the right financial building blocks are.

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