What is Invoice Financing?

Did you know as a business owner you have the ability to turn your unpaid customer invoices into fast cash?

With invoice factoring…its is ‘Mission Possible’.

Invoice Financing is also known as Factor Financing- it a great and easy solution for businesses offering their clients a specific payment terms. Offering easy terms to your clients is a viable asset for businesses.

Invoice financing is fast. It can provide immediate working capital to help cover a funding gap caused by slow payments from customers. Also it improves cash flow in a small business. You can keep loyal customers on longer payment terms but still improved your cash flow- helping your business grow. Yalber provides an easy and quick capital to companies that might not be able to get it from other sources- like a traditional bank.  A big benefit of invoice financing is that no collateral is required- no hassle…the Yalber way.


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